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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uh Oh

You know that we are in real trouble when the best Krugman can hope for is that Geithner, Summers and the rest of the Obama crew are lying.

I remember, I remember when that was my fondest hope about Clinton. Guess what. I was wrong, they were as serious as a heart attack (to coin a phrase). The result was a terrible disaster for Clinton and for American workers in general (anybody remember NAFTA and GATT and watching them jobs continue to drift overseas).

Yes, I know that Clinton remained popular throughout his administration, but just remind me what he accomplished. I realize that compared with the second greatest failure in American Presidential history (Buchanan will probably be the greatest failure until this country ceases to exist) Clinton is quite the fellow. Still other than screwing the American worker, destroying any hope of real health care reform for a decade, and getting rid of most of the remaining regulations on Wall Street thereby helping bring on our current disaster and getting a blow job, what did he do? Oh wait, he helped to continue to destroy the middle class (but I repeat myself).

I am kind of sorry that Greenwald finds something good about the criticism of Obama from progressives. Not that I am sorry that progressives criticize when Obama is obviously wrong, but that there are so many opportunities to do so.

You would think that Obama would prefer to have a memorial in D.C. resembling F.D.R.s rather than the one for Hoover (what there isn't one for Hoover--my oh my). But I guess not.

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