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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh For God's Sake

I kind of feel like I really don't know what. We as a nation are being crushed into the dirt economically by following the economic policies of the past, really sixteen years. And still these people in power are pushing to keep their wealthy friends wealthy, while the middle class and the poor continue to suffer.

I remember sitting here in the middle of East Jesus No Where Ohio during the run up to the Iraq war and thinking to myself, these people in power in Washington and New York can't not be seeing what I'm seeing. They can't believe that Iraq was a danger or that it would be an easy thing, because I could see that it wasn't and wouldn't be. They couldn't be that stupid. And yet we went to war and then later all these people were going "Who could have thought?" Well we are now here in the middle of a massive recession/depression and all these people in power are going: "We've got to keep doing what we did to get us here." In a few months or a year, when we're deeper than ever, they will be going "Who could have thought?"

Well as Krugman asked the other day: "Are they lying to themselves or to us?" Like Krugman I don't know which is scarier. Well I've thought for awhile that there is a good chance we will be admiring how well the Romans managed their own final collapse in a few years. But, being right won't pay the bills.

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