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Monday, December 31, 2012

Light Show

DECEMBER 29, 2012:  So the pop-up says I should mention people to get more traffic?  I think. I exed out before I bothered to completely read it.  A bad habit I have of closing out a page while I am still reading things at the sides and going "WAIT, WHAT?"  One can flip back when one is reading a book or a newspaper, not so much on line.

I was waiting to post until I saw just how badly Obama and the democrats sold us out, and I suspect that although I'm starting this on the 29th I won't be publishing it until the thirty-first, so I should get the chance to say I told you so, but we will see.

My wife had a good friend over yesterday who explained how we are all going to go bankrupt (as both a country and individuals, I think) because of the undeserving poor who get food stamps and Social Security Disability and all the other magnificent goodies our state and federal governments dole out to those who are below the poverty level.  So we must cut benefits, but not raise taxes.  She saw it on TV so it must be true, I guess.  She is also a millionaire so there is that also.  Most aren't Mr. Field after all.  Most of us do not over come our very limited up bringings, (that includes marrying into wealth or earning it with a single bright idea).

DECEMBER 31, 2012:  Last day of the year.  I'm glad to see 2012 go.  It was not a particularly easy year.   With our Chow so sick early in the year and then getting my Mother up here and finding out how seriously her mind had deteriorated.  She at least has a sense of humor left although no short term memory at all.  We go back in the "ward" although that is not what they call it and see the others there.  My Mother doesn't leave her room except to go to and a very few other things.  We take her out regularly, but still.

I wonder if one notices one's mind going before it gets so far along that one has no ability to do anything about it?  I suspect that I shall see.

On a brighter note went to Cambridge last night and saw the display at the Court House, but no horsey ride, no horseys.  At a local restaurant and managed to get several Jack Chick tracts, oh boy.