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Banned In China

Monday, August 27, 2007

The days news

I have made the mistake of listening again to CNN Headline News, which I am lucky enough to have followed by a Columbus, Ohio's TV news. It just irritates me.

Although Columbus, Ohio is the state capital and where most of the state government resides, there does not appear to be any governing in Columbus. There are murders, rapes, and robberies a plenty; sports and weather and that's it. Additionally, the local news readers cannot be expected to work five minutes every half hour. They replay the local "news" over and over.

At any rate I know that Michael Vick is very sorry and immature and that about five days ago a hot air balloon burned and crashed in Canada killing two people. Also, those poor guys are still stuck in that mine in Utah. I am not sure since it wasn't on the news, but I think that we might be involved in a war somewhere in the Middle East, but I could be wrong. Oh yes, the A. G. has resigned. The only real national news on the half-hour.

The A.G.'s resignation is very inconvenient for the Democrats in Congress since they will now have to show (once again) that they have no balls and are terrified of the most disliked president in a century. My bet is that they cave and give the Bushie just whoever he wants, since to do otherwise would be to descend to some sort of partisan wrangling was my terrified little congressman Zack Space explained to me when he tried to justify his vote on FISA.

Actually this is rather more practice, kind of going for a less funny version of Andy Rooney.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

War Criminals

We are all war criminals. If we don't actively oppose the war and do so publicly then we are implicitly complicit in it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A long good bye

Up most of the nights this past week with the kitten, Socks. He was so very sick and fought so very hard to live. In the end he couldn't make it and we decided to put an end to his struggle Thursday evening. He had thrown up early in the afternoon, and since he had gotten very sick throwing up seemed to make him more active. Not this time though.
He went into a coma and we sat with him for about five hours and decided at about 7:00 p.m. that it was time. We called the vet and took him right over. We decided to have him cremated so we didn't bring him back with us.
He had won everyones' heart including the adult cats in the home. One, a new mother with her own litter, who had lost two of her five, had adopted him and was especially close. She hid all day under the bed as though she couldn't bear to watch what was happening. After we came back she looked all over for him, because she knew we had taken him out to my house before and had always brought him back. Not this time.
I tried to pet her tonight, she shied away from me as if I was striking her. She had lost so many and I think that she had a special love for him.
He had been a stranger only a few weeks ago, but he captured everybody who met him.
My house seems empty now. Three pounds of yellow fur and now it seems as if there is a vast empty space that should be filled with a lion.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Profiles in Courage

I sent my congressman Zack Space a letter asking him why he had voted for the wire tap bills recently passed by congress. After nearly two weeks I got a response. He whined.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Cat

A couple of weeks ago we ended up with a kitten. We foster for the humane society, and someone had found this little guy in a parking lot. He was really friendly, but he just wasn't eating. Then just by accident we found out that whoever had him before must have fed him spaghettos.

So far so good. Then he got sick and nearly died. As he was recouperating from that one, he got into an argument (we think) with another cat and essentially lost an eye. Finally, last week we took him in to have him fixed.

You know, I'm not so sure that he might not have wanted to just be left in the parking lot.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It appears that we were hoodwinked again

From reading what the Democrats who voted for FISA are saying it appears as though they are claiming they were hood winked again. "The brown middle eastern boogie man will get us again if we don't repeal the Fourth Amendment," they say they were told.

Digby has a good analysis. Democrates could not still be that stupid. The people who screwed it up in 2001 and let it happen, and were then lied to and passed the Patriot Act are simply authoritarions pure and simple.

It is simply not possible to believe that living as I do in a small city in the midwest, I know more about who to believe than those who run the country. So what's the answer: complete incompetance or are they just really fascist?

Welcome World

I'm just starting this although I've been surfing for quite a while. Well I'm getting sick and tired of just reading what others have to say and I guess I'll try this for awhile. Just getting set up so we'll see where we go from here. Just a kind of test post I guess