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Monday, August 27, 2007

The days news

I have made the mistake of listening again to CNN Headline News, which I am lucky enough to have followed by a Columbus, Ohio's TV news. It just irritates me.

Although Columbus, Ohio is the state capital and where most of the state government resides, there does not appear to be any governing in Columbus. There are murders, rapes, and robberies a plenty; sports and weather and that's it. Additionally, the local news readers cannot be expected to work five minutes every half hour. They replay the local "news" over and over.

At any rate I know that Michael Vick is very sorry and immature and that about five days ago a hot air balloon burned and crashed in Canada killing two people. Also, those poor guys are still stuck in that mine in Utah. I am not sure since it wasn't on the news, but I think that we might be involved in a war somewhere in the Middle East, but I could be wrong. Oh yes, the A. G. has resigned. The only real national news on the half-hour.

The A.G.'s resignation is very inconvenient for the Democrats in Congress since they will now have to show (once again) that they have no balls and are terrified of the most disliked president in a century. My bet is that they cave and give the Bushie just whoever he wants, since to do otherwise would be to descend to some sort of partisan wrangling was my terrified little congressman Zack Space explained to me when he tried to justify his vote on FISA.

Actually this is rather more practice, kind of going for a less funny version of Andy Rooney.

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Walker Evans said...

As a blogger you should be getting your news online. Everyone knows that the local TV news in any city is nothing but murder, sports, and weather.