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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Perpetual War

Although I do not quite feel like making the explicit kind of statement that Whiskeyfire and The Beast did today I can certainly see their point.  Perhaps it is just the fact that I was one of those kids forty-seven years ago, who was convinced that I was going to protect our great country (which was not yet referred to as our Homeland, at least not outside of a small group of fascists here and there) from the red menace.  Just as they are now convinced that they are protecting the Homeland from the Muslim menace today.  Some of us got educated, most didn't.

Now I know that no American service person has died since 1945 to protect our precious freedoms.  Hell I'd go so far as to say that no American service person has died to protect any body's freedoms in that period of time.  In fact just the opposite; they have died to prevent those freedoms from being gained or exercised by the swarthy brown masses.  And of course it seems that what we fight for and against overseas eventually we accept as good and right right here at Home[land].

So we fight a perpetual war as Gore Vidal calls it and what our Perpetual War is is a perpetual colonial war.  Not it turns out a colonial war for the greater glory of our Homeland and for the riches for the state that those wars always promise, but a colonial war for various corporations many of which (I'm looking at you B.P.) are not even American corporations and the riches that those wars deliver to the power elite that rule us all.

Ok, so we've been doing it for quite a while.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kind Of Back To Normal

Ming able to run again without a leash.

I thought I'd drop back in and see if anyone was here.  I'd made a promise to myself that I wouldn't worry about or do any blogging until after Ming got better.  Well she is better.  Her stomach tube is out and the hole in the stomach has healed.  She doesn't have all her hair back and we are still taking her to the vets to get laser treatment regularly on her knee, but...............

She will never be able to eat kibble or have bones but Traci has decided that she will cook all her food, which incidentally tastes great.  Brother what a long haul these last four months have been.  Completely exhausting.

I have been working through it all and we've had about a half dozen or more people come around to help take Ming out on a lead when I'm gone.  We only now feel comfortable leaving the pups alone so that we can go out together (other then trips to the vet both here and at OSU, of course).  Went to the sleazy Mexican place around the corner last night.  Back in forty-five minutes.  Dogs asleep.  Ming's personality has changed through this whole ordeal.  While she was never mean, but rather aloof, but now she is friendly with everyone.  Which is a little disconcerting since she no longer seems to care to guard the house or even warn us when there is someone at the door.

The OSU vet said we were great owners, my wife disagreed and insisted we were parents to the cats and dogs.  I disagree with them both I consider them all my friends and we help each other through life and best we can each of us doing what we are able.

In other news I've got a new client who is up on a rape charge.  Cunnilingus.  Yeah I know.  In addition my client seemed determined to confess to everyone he met except his priest and lawyer.

I've got some ideas for posts and stories I want to try out as soon as I figure out how to turn off the god damn touch pad on an Ubuntu 12.04 system.
Ming at the Vets with her laser goggles on.  We all had to wear them so we didn't damage our eyes.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

I do like the Myth Busters  And I also believe that this is the slogan for most of our politicians and economists.