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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aw Shit

So what do I see as a headline in the paper today: Administration is open to taxing health benefits. What kind of horse shit is this? The best way to balance the budget is on the backs of those least able to pay for it?

Well gee, I guess it would be an easy way to make sure that unionized workers didn't price themselves out of the market, since they would not be able to afford health benefits and would, what? I guess that they'd have to go out buy their own with what I would guess would be their increased salaries. Sure.

I'm not sure what Obama is trying to do. He keeps doing things that seem to be designed to piss off those who (however misguided they were) were his strongest supporters. Yeah, I did vote for him, but completely understanding that he was hopefully the best of three (counting Clinton) not particularly good choices

Of course that comes in on top of this shit. Giving some insight into what our unelected rulers continue to do. That is they take our money and then spit in our faces. I don't think that people (well at least not good old U.S. American patriot people) are willing to get out their pitch forks and tar and take these assholes out. But it would be nice to see Madam Guillotine up and operating on Wall Street. Not that I would ever seriously encourage something so awful, really. No really.

I am continuously amazed and how little these people seem to understand about what they have done and how little they care about getting it right this time.
UPDATE: Perhaps I was wrong about the health, stuff. On the other hand I am beginning to have a hard time trusting Obama.

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jusvelos said...

the world is waiting for the lying war mongers to have the rope in its proper place..