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Banned In China

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, after just posting about lying republicans I get to post about not exactly lying democrats, but democrats who are taking us down the long dark road to national bankruptcy.

Krugman is pretty unhappy and so am I. It looks like the Obama boys are dead set on saving their buddies' (and you know the old military definition of a buddy) financial asses. One of the most interesting things about FDR was how he would get information from all sorts of people. People who had various points of view and who came from different backgrounds. Of course, the fact that he was married to Elinore couldn't hurt either. I looks to me that Obama only listens to the people who matter. You know the bankers and economists who got us into this situation.

That does correspond with the bonus issue. No matter what they've done they can't be wrong. And they deserve extra money for it, don't ya know. Nor can the system be wrong, nor can the theory be wrong. Therefore, what you see is an illusion. Everything is really OK don't you know.

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