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Monday, March 9, 2009

Economics? Eh

So reading again about Obama who is not, it appears, doing enough. I say it appears because those who knew what was coming and just where we are are now are calling him on his "too little, too late." There is also the seeming willingness to throw tons of money into holes that have been dug by the wealthiest (the money coming, of course, from the rest of us). Add to this little or no oversight and we have a disaster, and who knows if it would be as big or bigger or smaller than if nothing were done.

Well, OK the people I mentioned earlier know, and they seem to say something is better than nothing economically. But in political terms probably doing a little something, is worse than doing nothing. Why, you vouchsafe? Because it will turn people off to government action and progressive politics for the foreseeable future. (Obama a Randian sleeper cell?)

Obama is a brilliant politician. But eventually even a brilliant politician has to produce on the most important political issues of his (or her) time. In this case it is the economy. He is doing half assed things, along with his continuing to dangle Social Security out there as a ripe grape for his wealthy buddies. This is not brilliant politics, this is not even competent economics.

I started to write "Once again," but I don't think it is again. I think it is "still." It hasn't changed in at least sixteen and probably more like thirty years. Our rulers allow us enough liberty (read my rants!) and toys (did I show you my new computer?) to keep us occupied.

I suspect now, that the only change that will be allowed through is a sort of cosmetic one, which will look like, what? I don't know, but not like the place I grew up, with expectations for the children being better than those for their parents. A few very wealthy. Their most important minions working hard for them.................. and the rest of us. Probably being given enough to keep us from going crazy and killing those in power. But then it is always easy to convince the vast majority of the underclasses that they really do not deserve anything more and the upper classes deserve all they have and more.

Well, I voted for Obama because of hope (is that word already owned?) and because I knew what both the others stood for. He was zit.

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