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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Couple of Brief Blogger Thoughts

I am a little delayed in getting the animals up, but I've had a couple of thoughts.

First, one reason I voted for Obama instead of Clinton in the primary was because I didn't want a Clinton II presidency. By that I mean that I believe that Hilliary and Bill are peas in a pod. Whatever their personal relationships are, their political beliefs are (I think) very similar. Particularly their economic thought. So, I figured that Obama would at least be a little different.

I did not think that Obama would recycle all these old Clintonistas as his economic advisers and appointees. I figured that he would have at least a few new faces, at least some people who did not parrot the Wall Street line. I guess not.

(By the time the general election came around I thought I had no choice. I figured the republicans were going with bat shit crazy. No matter how rational it seemed to let the worst be elected so the general public could feel the results of their own stupidity...........I live here. I do not really want to spend the last few years of my life under a bridge eating the apples I couldn't sell. Now I'm no so sure that isn't what is going to happen anyway.)

Second, this is just bullshit. All the complaints about anonymity in today's world seem like a wilful (one hopes it is wilful and it is not that they really don't know) refusal to know and understand our very own history and the importance of the anonymous pamphleteer. As Mudflats says Ben Franklin used a pseudonym in some of his writings. Also, the fellows who wrote the Federalist originally wrote anonymously. Outing someone like that is really kind of pricky. And one hopes it will come back to bite the ass of the asshole who did it.

Of course, given they way the world works, probably not. I would think that is probably the reason people believe in the afterlife. There everybody gets their just reward. Unless of course you are a fundie. In which case you can be the biggest asshole in the world as long as you believe in the correct way. Which might explain the incredible number of fundies in the world.

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