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Friday, March 27, 2009

A Funeral

Went to a viewing last night, the funeral was today. The guy was two years younger than I am (60). He had been feeling unwell and losing weight for some months. His wife was closely watching what he ate and was concerned.

Oh yes, he had been laid off a little over a year ago when he lost his employer provided health insurance. He and his wife could not afford to pay for COBRA so they were without that insurance. So they were hesitant to go to a doctor and were just hoping that there wasn't really anything wrong that wouldn't fix itself. They rescue (or at least did) animals from horrible conditions. All their "excess" money went into caring for the animals. They lived simply. He was not fat or in bad shape and had no really bad habits that we are always being warned to give up so we can live longer.

Monday he went out to feed the animals and was a little long out there. His wife went to see how he was and found him out there surrounded by the animals.

They asked for money to defray the cost of the funeral instead of flowers. Tell me again the danger of socialized medicine.

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