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Monday, March 30, 2009

I Could Use a Laugh

Well I certainly hope that Marx (Karl not Groucho) was right about history repeating its self because I could use a great big laugh. Although I'm not sure that the first time with the Clintons wasn't farce, so I don't really know what this time will be, but I'm wishing for some more of that farce, since it really looks like that's where we are headed. Since Obama apparently wants the union contracts broken at the automakers. The insurer for the pension system in this country is busy gambling (badly) with our pensions. And it looks like Obama is planning on following the Soviet Union down the rat hole that is Afghanistan.

I know I have explained why I voted for Obama, but please remind me why again.

1 comment:

Dr. Know said...

Because he wasn't McSame?
I'm beginning to wonder myself.