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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blind Pig?

Do you suppose this Fox (yeah I know) article is right? I find the graphs at the bottom very interesting.

Do you wonder about the Cuomo thing? At least he apparently got to look at the work by the [unnamed] law firm. Why do you think they are not named. It might not be a bad deal that he wasn't appointed to Clinton's seat.

Well clearly some democrat helped move this little thingy right along. Be it Geithner or Dodd. However, my money is on Obama. He is the president. He is the guy who hired Geithner. He is the guy who is responsible. Or at whose desk the buck stops to quote another democrat. He is still ridding high and his numbers are good. But I think that he just is (as mom used to say) buying trouble. He might ride this one out, but then again something will come along that will blow him out of the water. The media would love it. The wealthy would love it.

He can think that he hitched his wagon to that conservative democratic star, but it did neither Carter nor Clinton any good in the end. I did think that Obama was smarter than he now appears. I hope he is a lot smarter than I think he is. Cause otherwise we're fucked.

Of course a few hundred million is I guess less than 1% of the money we've already given to AIG. Still, it is good to get outraged over something involved in the bailout. Do you think it is just a way to distract us? We pour mass amounts of money into their (and a lot of others) pockets with little or no oversight. Hell, oversight. We should own them but because of our ideological rigidity we let the same people run them who ran them into the ground and/or stole from them and us. So now we are upset because they play the scorpion? No one could have predicted.

So we get this money back and all is well, we just go on as before pouring 1000 times that much money into the shit pile.

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