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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuck 'em All

These are the people I hate with a real passion. No not those in the mob, I mean the ones who write the pathetic articles. I do not mean that in any metaphorical sense nor do I mean that in any literary sense I mean I hate this whiny little shit. I hate his family and I wish the worst luck in the world on him and his. I want his house burned to the ground and the land sown with salt. I want his family scattered to the winds and I want him living by himself under a bridge eating cat food on a good day. I hate all the other people on Wall Street who have been making enormous profits while moving shit around. They make nothing they add nothing to the wealth of this country and they understand nothing except their shit.

Directly from school he apparently went to buying and selling shit. Shit that did nothing except make more money for him and his friends. Fuck him (and his horse). He would have made well over a million dollars a year for the last several years. He would have made at least half or three quarters a million in 2008 before the boom fell. Don't whine to me about the fact that you get a million (at least) in a bonus which you certainly do not deserve.

It should not have to be said, but apparently many miss the fact that auto workers have lost their bonuses but the NYT doesn't print their complaints. Nor for that matter can an autoworker do anything, but take the hit. Nor can the autoworker give over $700,000.00 to a chairty. Lets face it there would be no company if we hadn't poured billions (or maybe a trillion if you count the Federal Reserve) into AIG with apparently little or no preconditions. Unlike with the automakers.

Do not let the door hit you on the way out you ass hole.

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