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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Line of Work

So I'd meant to write a little about this yesterday as it is about my line of work really. The report says among other things that:
• One in 31 adults in America is in prison or jail, or on probation or parole. Twenty-five years ago, the rate was 1 in 77.
• Overall, two-thirds of offenders are in the community, not behind bars. 1 in 45 adults is on probation or parole and 1 in 100 is in prison or jail.

What that really means for those in the community in small towns, at least, is that they are subject to being hassled and bothered by the cops and their P.O.s whenever the P.O.s feel like it. They are forced to pee into a cup at the direction of the authorities (of course many Americans, who still have jobs in the Land of the Free are required to pee into a cup to just keep their jobs). So maybe that is just another little thing (privacy) in the long list of things that people are willing to give up for a little security (Ben Franklin where are you now?). People constantly looking over their shoulders to make sure they are not breaking some rule that ..... well is just there for our own good, don't ya know?

Still, I watch clients being brought back into court again on what are often very minot violations. Smoking dope! So easy to catch them, it remains in their system for ever and is a clear violation. Even though in Ohio possession is a minor misdameanor, but it can get you put in jail if your on parol or prbation. Or as a juvenile into detention or the Department of Youth Services.

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