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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Card Check & Updates

You know I've often wondered just who Obama thinks his supporters are (no really!!!!! are you kidding!!!!!!you don't believe everything he says????????).

So the there are a few things: First, just having the card check will allow more people to become union members, which will in turn get more votes for progressives/democrats, not necessarily the same thing, I know. On the other hand, the republicans are reliably reactionary. So the votes would in the end, be in the interest of the entire county.
Second, it's just more fair and more just to allow unions to be formed with a card check. Forcing union s to undergo a "secrete ballot" allows the owners to put incredible pressure on the workers who are at that time non-union. The owners are able to delay the election, something they can't do with card check. And for the most part the workers, who are the organizers really do not have the protections a union can provide (no matter what the laws claim) and the workers also, for the most part, not aware of what those protections are.

Third, a one line sentence of support isn't support. Obama should be out there twisting arms because he is going to need those votes in 2010 and 12 and that kind of lukewarm support isn't what he gave to the bank bail out.

Of course, who would be surprised to see the democrats screw over one of their key constituencies? Not me.

UPDATE: Check out this and this. So Wal-Mart is being downgraded as an investment because the workers might get a decent wage with benefits and decent hours? Work place democracy too much for our economy to absorb. Once again I can merely look and wonder.

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