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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News and Disturbing News

My congressman responded to my email asking him to support card check and said that he definitely does support it and will vote for it. That is good news since while he may not be a blue dog he is definitely a New Democrat.

However, this is really disturbing. I don't really care what he calls himself, but I don't like the idea of his triangulating like Clinton. We do not need more NAFTA, GATT, or giving the owners of our businesses the permission to send more jobs overseas at cut rate wages.

So if he acts in a pragmatic and practical way then I don't care. If all he is trying to do is calm the conservatives (although it won't work) then I don't care. But if what he is doing is sucking up to the wealthy again, and screwing up our chances for a recovery, then I do care.

The bank nationalization issue is the one where push is going to come to shove sooner rather than later. Right now Obama and his people are opposed to it for ideological reasons rather than any practical reasons. If he continues this kind of attitude then we are all screwed and we'll find that out sooner rather than later. If he does he will be another Clinton rather than another FDR, right now it looks like that is what he wants, but maybe not. I would think that he would want to be remembered as a hero, rather than a place holder. Maybe not though.

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