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Banned In China

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Grabbed a sandwich next door. The guy who delivers was complaining about Obama and talking up what a great guy McCain is. The delivery guy probably makes minimum wage and is a young guy who doesn't appear retarded. What do you think is his problem? This on the day after one of Wall Street's major meltdowns.
There are a lot of McCain signs around here. Many right next door to houses that have been for sale for a long time. On the other hand, let's face it we appear to have a choice between an incompetent reactionary (with a crazy fundy thrown in) and a merely competent new imperialist (with a competent old imperialist thrown in) who will continue the progressive policies of Richard Nixon.
Now isn't that interesting. Nixon was to the left of all of the Republican party and a good number of the Democrats now a days.
Meant to write about newspapers and reporters and how they are able to CYA and to claim that they are covering important stories simply because somewhere someone will write one or two stories about it. East Timur anyone? At the same time beating a non story to death. Whitewater anyone?
What is with Greenwald? This man writes faster than I can read. And intelligently. I would like a little of what he is on.

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