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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Campaign

Ok, I guess I am simply not capable of avoiding the campaign for the next six weeks.

The amazing bumbling around that is going on in the Obama camp concerning how to campaign is just amazing. Where is the candidate of June? Is he only the candidate because people hate Clinton with a passion that passith all understanding? Because sexism and Clinton hatred is so ingrained in the body politic that almost anybody would get the support of the MSM?

Once again I am forced to conclude that the the Democratic response is not a bug, but a feature. They seem unable to fight back and unable to attack. They are terrified that they will make a mistake, so they do nothing.

I again say that when Hilliary said there was a vast right wing conspiracy concerning Bill, that statement forced the MSM to discuss the possibility that it really existed. Of Course the Blue Dress and Bill's lies torpedoed that. Even though there was and is a vast right wing conspiracy. Unlike most conspiracies it is right out in the open where anyone can easily see it. It is merely wilful blindness that allows it to continue to exist.

I was a history major in college and I wondered how the Romans could allow the republic and then the empire to be slowly done in by the greed of the ruling class. They took so much when talking only a little less would have preserved the structure and foundation of the state. Well now I guess I get to live through it.

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