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Sunday, September 7, 2008


It is distressing regular computer no work. It turns out that there is a recall concerning the wireless of a lot of HP Computers. So even though mine is almost two years old the time bomb just went off so trying to get the thing working has prevented me from ranting (on line at least) about the MSM and Palin.
On the other hand one of the major problems concerning this campaign is that none of the real party leaders have really come out on attack. I remember when the Clenis stuff started and Hilliary said it was part of a vast right wing conspiracy. That forced the MSM to talk about it. Of course, the Blue Dress ended that. But of course that doesn't mean there wasn't a right wing conspiracy. Just because your paranoid, etc.
UPDATE: Well for those with a certain kind of HP computers.............. It turns out that even though my computer was out of warranty, there was in essence a secret "recall" of those particular kind of computers. They would just stop working as far as at least the wireless feature was concerned. Of course, I just found out about it because I had a secondary warranty that ran for a second year. Those people didn't want to fix the puter and told me about the HP extended warranty, thingy.
Of course this isn't quite as bad as when I got my brand new Plymouth Tourisimo several years ago. After several weeks my wife at the time kept saying that she heard something weird when we were moving. She insisted on taking it into the dealer and he told us: "Oh, yeah. About one in ten tires come apart from normal wear." Sweet.
God, I'm glad I live in a country where the corporations are totally crushed and controlled by the government and forced to reveal their inner-most secrets to the hoi poli.

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