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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sexism/racism (with sexist image)

I haven't really noticed a lot of sexist attacks on Palin, as opposed to attacks on her competence and her radical views. On the other hand, I am a 60+ white male, so I might have missed them (and some of the racist attacks on Obama). On the whole I think not though.

Of course I was just reading that an obvious example of the sexism is that I know about Palin's pregnant daughter and the daughter's boy friend, but I know nothing about Biden's children. But then Biden's child (ren) is/are adults and none are dropping out of high school to marry another drop out because of a pregnancy. Further, this isn't happening in real time as we watch. Finally, I don't recall Biden running on a values plank.

The arguments about the way Palin's last child was born seem to be a little closer to sexism. Although, if the stories are true: 1) that she stayed home and nursed a daughter with mono for the last 6 months of her pregnancy, and 2) that she ignored the beginning of the birth itself to give a speech and fly home, certainly call into question her ability to weigh risks and benefits. It looks like in both cases she made decision that were not well thought out and could and maybe did actually harm the youngest child.

So if I'm right about that, how is that sexism? If I'm wrong -- how am I wrong in my analysis of the last child's birth?

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