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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wonderland Election

I can't get over talking about and thinking about the election. It is kind of like worrying a loose tooth.

The amazing and depressing thing about this election is that the candidate is making exactly the same mistakes that Gore and Kerry made against exactly the same kind of attack. And there were similar successful attacks from the Republicans going back to Nixon's run against Humphrey at least. Why can't the guys who are making millions of dollars to figure this out get a consistent and reasonable response to these attacks? (Or is it why won't they?) Why is it that they can't (or won't) go on the attack? Why is it that they can't (or won't) take into account the simple fact that the MSM will be stacked against them?

It is amazing and maddening. There is simply no explanation that even remotely makes any sense in an even remotely rational universe. I am tired of thinking in terms of Alice in Wonderland to explain the political process in this country. But I can come up with nothing else.
These people do not live in the real world. These people do not have emotions and thoughts that resumble those of real people. I would have to guess that their goals resumble nothing that ordinary people can understand.

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