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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Much

Exhausted coming off a couple of real difficult trials. The trials themselves weren't so difficult, it was my concern over doing them right. Got the best that could be expected.

Following a couple of threads over a Digby. Mostly people just amazed that the Democratic presidential candidate seems to be running the same campaign that the last two guys ran. That he seems to be unable to figure out what to do next. A couple of nice trolls were in the threads. One explaining why Clinton would have handled it so much better and another one appealing to out better natures (of course the last time a guy appealed to our better natures we were in the middle of a civil war).

The Antioch experience just stays in my mind. I watch the rulers of a small college destroy it and it took a long time to complete the process. I wonder how it is that people can't really see what is happening and respond to it. I'm not sure that they don't see what is coming and don't care as long as they can keep from losing their power (such as it is) for as long as possible.

Perhaps it isn't the rulers of the Democratic party who are the ones with their heads in the sand perhaps it is those of us who work and support one or the other of them. I think of the Romans at the end of the Republic.

Maybe I should just put that Obama disappoints again tag on all my posts.

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