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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Groundhog Day

I'm starting to feel like Murray in Groundhog Day. Or maybe Travis Bickle, but without Jodi Foster to encourage me. Nah, I'm more like Murray too stuck to blow up. Plus I don't have any guns. I keep watching the politics and seeing the same old things again and again. SOMETHING BAD happens on Bush's watch and in large part because of his policies. So he gets on the news and says "We're all gonna die if you don't absolutely trust me and give me more power (and more money to my good friends."

What happens? Well in the last few years even though people (that is normal people: the electorate) don't believe him the Democrats give him essentially what he wants. Oh, there are minor changes (deck chairs, Titanic you know) then the Dems cave. It's happening again. A lot of noise then the bucks and power go to the pres.

It might make me feel better if I was the only one who noticed this. Then I might think I was crazy. But I'm not I'm merely a small voice from nowhere. Many people who have really a fairly wide readership see it, call it, and it doesn't matter it just keeps happening.

I don't have it in me to be or even try to be funny some times about this shit any more. Maybe it's time to retire to my palatial estate under that bridge and start my novel. Perhaps I could take my cell phone and begin filming that epic movie which will blow the lid off the whole thing.

Or perhaps those crazy and fun loving Fins have it right. Total and complete senseless violence aimed at the weakest in our society. Actually, I think that our ruling class has a lock on that total and senseless violence thing on the weakest here in America. At any rate this whole thing makes be crazy. These people (congress and the president and the press and the money people) are either the stupidest on the face of the earth or.............. Or what? If this is a clever plan what could their goal possibly be? They can't think that this will work.
Perhaps just put off the inevitable end until they are dead or so senile they won't know what is going on. Perhaps they all simply see the hypocrisy and pointlessness of our society and feel that they must do their utmost to destroy it from within. Or maybe they are just end timers.
Well as I say perhaps Travis had the right idea.

Can you say Kleptocracy? I knew you could.

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