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Banned In China

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More on yesterday

I had forgotten about this when I posted yesterday. And it is a perfect example of where we are with the media in America. Bush commutes Libby's sentence so he has to serve no prison time. Susan MacDougal ended up serving time and is pardoned after she actually serves her time with a massive drum beat from the media.

Where do you think is the outrage about what Bush did with Libby. It has completely disappeared. There are no follow up articles about it. Remember the beating of the Whitewater drum?
Check Spelling

Anyone who runs on the Democratic ticket nationally and soon locally has to remember that. Obama's problem is that he thinks that if he makes nice he will get their support. He needs to remember what happened to Clinton: the most successful Republican president since Eisenhower.

We are screwed if the American people are as stupid as I think they are.

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