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Thursday, September 4, 2008


So the word is now out. The courtiers have spoken. Palin is brilliant and electrifying. A genius choice by McCain (who didn't have a running mate for 5-1/2 years you know). Her speechifying will take her to the winners circle.

The bar is, as many have said, set so low that the MSM gives her massive amounts of praise for meeting and even exceeding their incredibly low expectations. The bar was set low enough so that Trig could have sailed over it.

The same thing happened with Bush. As long as he wasn't convulsing during the debates he was a winner. Even though he was getting messages from a wire attached to his back. Remember?

Actually, it's worse than that. For some reason there are talking points and those talking points are always the Republican talking points and they are always the ones that are pushed by the MSM. Or at least have been for the last 30 years. The mass of the media hue to one set of talking points and push it relentlessly. (Of course there are always the odd stories that are outliers, but they are never followed up and die within a half media cycle.)

As usual we are hosed. My only real hope anymore concerning the fops who provide us the "news" is that they get some sort of really nasty plague brought on by global warming and die a horrible and lingering death. Perhaps something brought on by oh say, tainted barbecue.
AN ADDED THOUGHT: Palin will be as screened and as protected as Bush was and McCain is now. Not only that, but the MSM will be more than happy to ignore that and to repeat the scripted statements and moments as though they were extempo pearls of wisdom dropped from on high. At the same time the Obama and Biden will be hounded relentlessly concerning any little error, as will any who support them. The MSM will find any sexist remarks by any Democrat and try to make it into a major news story. In the meantime the underling racism and brutal class warfare of the Republicans will simply be ignored, or at the most mentioned only in passing. Of course, those few will be pointed to later as proof that they are indeed objective or even leaning toward liberals. The constant water carrying for the right has become so totally ingrained that it is simply seen as a normal way for the MSM to report.
Unfortunately, I don't think that the current courtiers will end like the fops in Louie XVI's court did. To bad. I guess that would be a reason to believe in an after life that punishes.

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