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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life is Hard

You know it requires a certain kind of short term memory loss to continue to write about the politics and election in this country. They steal an election, they steal an election. The Democrats cave, the Democrats cave, the Democrats cave, the Democrats ........ Well you get the idea.

Great athletes can do the same things over and over and it has a certain kind of new elegance every time. A home run, beating out a base on a short hit, broken field running, chasing down the quarter back, a pass on a bull. Bad athletes seem to be bad in their own interesting way each time. I would guess that great sports writers like Red Smith could make depressing teams interesting. There is after all little of a real stake (short of your relationship with the bookie) ridding on the outcome. So the writer can concentrate on the grace, uniqueness and elegance of the winners. And let's face it most of the political writers are in the bag for the Republicans, so it would be as if all the sports writers wrote as if they were writing publicity for one of the teams, all the same team.

In politics there really is a lot riding on who wins unlike sports (absent that bookie).

The other problem is that the winners win in the same boring way and the losers lose in the same boring way. The truly spectacular individual horrors of the results are only seen in the homes' of the hoi poli, us little people. And really who wants to read about us.

So here I am trying to write these little pieces about the world and it turns out the politics in my wonder country and none of the major participants are helping me. No one has any compassion.

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