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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saved Again

Thank god!!!!!!!!!!! Saved again. Now one of the most reliably progressive congressman manages to provide a beard for the banking industry. Ironic, huh? If you can call it an industry, perhaps we should just call it a craps shoot. Then we would at least have the truth out there.

I feel like I'm watching a little rich kid play marbles. Once all his marbles are gone he runs home to daddy to get more. The rest of us of course were just fucked when we lost. As we still are.

Ok, I now understand the propaganda of the deed, in a way I couldn't before. My god we piss most of our money into a mostly unregulated industry that gets to play with it until they lose it and then gets to come back and ask for more.

The Treasury says they need at least $150 billion so they ask for $700 billion and we give them $350 billion without oversight (or any real oversight). They'll be enough oversight so they can say "we're watchin'", but when push comes to shove there will be nothing -- watch.

Damn I wish I won something when I was right and they were wrong. If I did then I'd have enough money that I would need to be bailed out too. As it is I just don't have enough money to be important enough. Just like most of the rest of us.

Look the vast majority of people do not want this bail out to happen. So we apparently do not have a democracy, nor do we have a republic. Gee, what does that leave us.

I'm moving from oligarchy, to kelptarchy to kakistocracy (thanks Keith and Sue). Sure the rulers who are able to limit the input of the average person and so limit participation steal from the people and give the money to their buddies. Then the buddies give the rulers back 2% or 3% of what they the wealthiest take. So essentially we have these incompetent thieves/rulers stealing our money and then giving it away.


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