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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Train Wreck

I'm reading a book: Touchstone by Laurie King. It involves a mystery taking place in the few days leading up to the General Strike in England in the 20s. The workers were crushed in that one too.

It is kind of interesting to be reading a book that details the atmosphere leading up to a financial crisis while I'm sitting here watching a financial crisis unfold in real time. The atmosphere seems more subdued in real time however.

I feel like I am watching a train wreck (as I've said before). I know what is going to happen and there is nothing I can do about it. The outcome may be a little different than I expect, but in the end the middle and working classes will take another hit and like that frog in the warm water will slowly be boiled alive as the rulers turn up the heat.

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The Y-City Writers' Forum said...

My brother sent me this email in June. I thought I would share it with you and your readers. -Rita
I just wanted to share my depressing stock market predictions with someone... I mean if I don't tell SOMEONE I wont be able to say "I told you so!" :)

Unlike the last prediction I made, which I am not sure I told you, this time I am going to try to date it a bit :)

Current down trend will be a roller coaster until it bottoms out in June of 2009 at around 10,000 on the Dow
There will be an upward trend that follows that (duh, I just said it bottoms out) which will rollercoaster up to about 12500 in Feb 2011. That will be followed by another downward that will leave the dow at 8000 in Dec 2012... where it will begin to rise at slower rate-- one equivalent to pre-1995 trends... up but not too fast...