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Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Sorry We're Fucked Part 532

After I did the last post I realized I'd forgotten Sarah Palin. How could a comedian or wanta be comedian forget about her? I am so ashamed.

Trailer trash as the next vice president. Yes. Proof that we have finally destroyed the last vestiges of the elitist class that used to rule our country. We have now only those who have managed to inherit or steal wealth.

Well, also those who have been able to hook into a truly loony church. Bug buga boola hoo.

We are all red neck mothers now.

In the meantime the congress works hard to first hide what they are doing and to then sell out our grandchildren as slaves to our over lords. The congress critters run around like chicken little while we the people tell them to stop and take a deep breath. Na Ca Do. Got ta do whatever it is that the pres wants and ga ta do it ra naw.

Doing nothing is better than doing what this guy in the White House wants ever. Can't be worse. Oh it might appear worse, but in the end it really isn't. As they say about a wet dream.

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