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Banned In China

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disturbing Realizations

First, I looks like I might finally have a reason to join the Ohio Bar Association. I mean they are the ones who invented Lexis/Nexis and then sold it. Now they've invented something just as impressive (for lawyers) and it's free to members.

So nothing seems to be happening at the Republican convention, eh? Sarah Palin's little ones seem to be more interesting than Mom. Although her religious moments seem to be really out there. I wish I could add something to this. But I really can't.

Ok, ok, ok. I admit it I have little or nothing today.
Although, I must admit that I am proud of the visual. I would have to guess from reading around that there are really no pregnant teenage sluts who have republican parents. There are only proud pre-married teens who have made the "choice" to have that kid, no matter what their republican parents want. Democrats of course are a different matter.

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