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Banned In China

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, now I've got little more to say except what Greenwald says. I had wondered what made Obama come out against it at the beginning. I do like this explanation of the way the bill will work though. The willingness of the incredibly right wing to use whatever is necessary to drive our society further and further into the crypto fascist (ok maybe not so crypto) hole is always amazing to me.

I guess I really should have paid more attention to Ayn Rand as a theorist instead of a rough drafter for a good Gary Cooper movie, which essentially ignores most of her economic points.

I simply stand in amazement at what the plutocrats (a good word, one which should be re-introduced and used often) are willing to do. I expect that most people think that they are doing the right thing. Even sociopaths think they are doing the right thing, it's just that their right thing is only right for them. Still, I am a bit surprised that we have an entire ruling class of sociopaths. These people can't believe that what they are doing is good for the country or even good for their own families in the long run. Can they? You know I think -- they don't think.

Or perhaps don't care. I remember reading about the latifundia of ancient Rome and I wondered how the rulers could approve the consolidation of more and more land in the hands of fewer and fewer. They would then force the peasants off their land and into the cities where they were provided bread and circuses. Their children sold as slaves and the strength of Rome, which was the landed peasant classes destroyed. I wonder how it was possible not to see this and to see the results. Well now I'm seeing it in real time (check the changes to the laws which directly affect family farms from FDR to the present), I still do not understand it.

Where we are is a constant accumulation of wealth in the hands of a smaller and smaller number of people. Can you say oligarchy? I knew you could. I feel like I keep watching this train wreck over and over and over. It is kind of like a very bad dream or maybe a film loop run over and over.

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