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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ok I Give Up

More on the horse race and the rabid right and just too too nice demos.

The more I watch Obama and McCain and how the election is being played out the more I think that even if Obama wins (not a for sure thing) he will have a great deal of baggage that will prevent him from governing effectively.

He will face the same kind of rabid continuing attacks from right wingers that Clinton had to endure. Further, if (when) the Republicans regain power in one of the houses then watch for impeachment.

The deal with the rabid attacks from the right are that he is doing everything possible to assure that those of us who would support him in the same fashion are being discouraged. Therefore, when he gets out there and puts out his hand to his corporate masters they will simply bite it off and demand more. The Republicans will continue to attack and insist on pushing back and driving us back to "those glorious days of yesteryear when bigots lighted faggots to illuminate the night sky with the burning bodies of the unbelievers." Just ask Sarah and Todd.

The apparent melt down of Wall Street and the lending industry does kind of throw a wrench into the above theory. It is possible that Clinton and Bush have left enough of the Roosevelt New Deal in place to prevent a complete melt down. Or it is possible that the wealthy have enough pull with their welfare case workers to get enough bucks to save themselves yet.

But we will see. Obama could be force far enough to the left to still make a difference, but I do doubt it.

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