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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Best Thinking Got Us Here

A couple of years ago I was encouraged (strongly) by the powers that be to join (euphemism watch) a Twelve Step program. One of the sayings used repeatedly when talking about how one got in the program is: "Our best thinking got us here."

I was reminded of this in reading the discussions of the need to keep the various CEOs and such and to give them these outrageous bonuses. "Because they are the best." If they are indeed the best ------- well then our best got us here. Perhaps they should join a twelve step program. PA, Plutocrats Anonymous.

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Dr. Know said...

Reminds me of a rather ironic and heated discussion back in 2005 with members of the Federalist Society. Their argument was that, in order to retain the "best talent" as US District Attornies and such, they had to paid top dollar. Just to be competitive and insure integrity, mind you. While dismissing my inherent belief that the legal system in this country is grossly flawed and corrupt - at best being a pay-to-play endeavour - my argument was that you cannot simply purchase integrity and the huge salaries attract people who are more interested in power mongering and profit than actual justice.

I believe the current banking scandels have proven my point.

Best Thinking indeed...