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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Woe Is Me

OK, maybe I am putting on a bit much.

After rereading some of my posts I'm starting to feel a little like Jeremiah or perhaps Cassandra. Take your pick. Although I am far from the only one. Still it does kind of get old.

What you may well ask, gets old?

Watching the same people who have been wrong about everything politically over the past forty years continue to be wrong in the same way and continue to control the levers of power and make the same mistakes they have made before. Or new people controlling these same levers of power making the same mistakes the old people made. And let's face it, the mistakes are pretty obvious right about now, but the answers are all the same, and are all as wrong as they ever were.

I know the cliche about being crazy (same, same, different result, etc.).

Or perhaps it merely draws into question the general level of intelligence of the electorate. I was told by a sitting magistrate that FDR caused the great depression to last longer because he spent too much money on stimulus programs. Then in the same breath he said that what got us out of the depression was World War II. A war that resulted in a massive amount of deficient spending. How can an otherwise intelligent man hold that we cannot spend our way out of a depression and yet immediately say that we spent ourselves out of the depression through military spending?

So maybe we are fucked. I guess not being listened to didn't stop either Jeremiah or Cassandra. Of course, neither of them ended well.

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