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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Guess I Just Must Be An Anti-Semite

How can the entire country or Israel go so crazy as to have their electoral board to throw out the Arab parties. So the Arab parties won't be allowed to run (at this point) in the next election. How crazy is that. Those parties wouldn't have gotten a significant minority. Why throw them out, it is simply a way to --- to what? I don't think that there is a rational explanation. The rulers have simply no chance of losing power to a few marginal Arab parties. So what is the point?

One of the things that Israel has had going for it is that it is a real democracy, unlike most of the other middle eastern countries. What this shows is a little of the way the real power is used. It is simply a way to keep their ni**ers down. It is now clear that the current rules have more in common with the American South before the 60s or South Africa under apartide. I suspect it is simply the desire for a ruling group to show the under groups how powerless those undergroups really are.

Then a second story goes to show just how much control the current Israeli government has over what our rulers are allowed to do and to think about Israel in our own country. The Israeli leader tells our President what to do and our president just caves and does it.

Wow just wow.

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