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Monday, January 26, 2009

Inbred cretins

Why is there no CSI: West Virginia? Because there is only one set of DNA and there are no dental records.

OK, that was statist? Well, I am brought around to that joke, by the news that William Kristol is being fired, let go, resigning, whatever. The guy has tons of money and incredible influence because of his parents. The guy has never been right. The guy never loses his smirk. The guy helps destroy the economy and our military, not to mention the (at a minimum) tens of thousands of dead he can take at least partial responsibility for. Check SpellingHe continues to fail upwards.

Why does he have that kind of power? Because of the inbred people who currently run this country. Our government and the media that reports on them have become monuments to nepotism.

Then when you think about it who would be the political hero of such a hack? The very last president that's who. Who was right about nothing, who never lost his smirk, and who more than any other individual is responsible for the destruction of our economy and our military. He did continue to fail upwards until he simply couldn't go any higher or fail any more spectacularly,

Birds (as my grandmother would say)of a feather. Kristol and Bush have got to feel comfortable around each other. They are essentially the same person. Not very bright, but given power simply because daddy greased the skids for them. And we as a people are so fucking stupid that we fall for our own inbred ruling class. At least as incompetant as the later Bourbons or Romanoffs, but without the style.

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Dr. Know said...

Well, since I use that expression quite frequently to deride the NeoCon worshipping morons I am engulfed by in GA, you'll get no argument from me.

Yes, sir. The political home of Newt Gingrich and thousands of similarly inbred cretins who rode the Nixon Train into power yet never let go when it derailed. Then said sycophant, authoritarian morons vote the other stale leftovers from the Nixon era back into power.

Then there is the leftover Nixon era ex-US ADA turned overpaid (~$500,000 per year) school board attorney who stands on my head to protect his inbred, illiterate criminal offspring and his cougar wife from "embarrassment" while he and his cronies in state government, the Bar, plus legions of quivering sycophants commit arson, insurance fraud, and threaten their victim across several states.

Criminals and lying, thieving low-lives. Inbred Cretins doesn't even begin to cover it. Nixon - the gift that keeps on giving. Yet the worst part is that even Nixon was less harmful than these hacks.