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Banned In China

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So do you think Obama will do enough to deal with this economic crisis? And with the middle east and our torture regimes now? I am beginning to doubt it. I watched Clinton live up to his campaign promises. That is I watched him govern as the most conservative democratic president since Grover Cleveland (OK maybe Carter was just as conservative).

I figured that I didn't know enough about Obama and I could only hope that he would be progressive, I doubt it now. How narrowly lucky were our parents to get FDR. I guess we will see, if Obama can overcome his roots, but I really don't expect it. I do not want to live the last years of my life in an Obamaville, but I may not have any choice.

When I hear the guy talk about taking on social security and Medicare entitlements. I hear the same people who put Reagan in office. I always figured they could rule with one-quarter of the working population out of work. Perhaps better, because they always had that minority to scare those who are working, all be it at a very suppressed wage. I'm looking at the same thing right now, but with a smiling young black guy saying it.

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