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Friday, January 16, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

I've had NPR on while driving around for the last couplet of days and once again I realize how god awful news in this country is. I mean let's face it NPR is much better than most radio and it is a sad little hole of mediocrity. Yesterday I listened to Randal Terry and a right winger who wasn't as crazy discuss whether the "Right To Lifers" go from here. Do you think that Pro-Choicers would have been allowed to discuss their positions/problems without the right being given at least a chair? You do? Well I've got this land down in Florida then.

However, one of the interesting discussions I heard today and I've heard this before, is that apparently Bush and his minions refused to give Israel bunker busting weapons and refused to give them to fly over Iraq to attack Iran's (alleged) nuclear facilities. (Actually, I guess Iran does have nuclear facilities, Israel says they are for bombs and everybody else says they aren't.)

Well anyway it just goes to show that as the title says: Nobody's Perfect. Even Chaney/bush can't screw up all the time.

Of course I could be wrong?

You don't think that maybe this was a lot of hooey to make Bush look more Presidential and Salomon like do you? Naaaaaaaaaa. Couldn't be.

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