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Thursday, January 29, 2009

More of the Same?

Well the stimulus package passed the House yesterday with no republican votes after the democrats and Obama gave them most of what they asked for. Now it goes to the Senate. Is there anyone who thinks that more won't be given away? Ian Walsh at Firedoglake has been on this and his stuff is both convincing and depressing and scary.

I am not sure that the country can survive the current cabal in control of the levers of power. They are too bull headed to be reasoned with and are too stupid to realize that they are destroying the goose or calf or whatever it is that provides them their power. The actual people who make this country work. The rulers have every reason to assume that no matter what happens to the hoi poli they will continue to rule. There will always be a few who are able to scramble up through the ranks. They will be pointed out to show that anybody can do it. Kind of like in the Reader's Digest, you know My Most Unforgettable Character.

When Reagan was elected and the recession hit at that time I thought and said that they (meaning our conservative rulers be they democrat or republican) could run the country with 25% unemployment. I now think that they can continue to control and run this country with 50% underemployment. Enough so that people are so scared of losing their shitty jobs that they will do whatever it takes to keep it. If that means standing on the backs of other poor to keep their head above water then they will do that.

We voted for change and now that change is not happening. So we have nothing left to do but eat dog or die. Or vote in the closet fascists who are out there at the door salivating and just waiting to get in to give us a nice pleasant American version of 1935 Germany.

Holly shit am I depressed or what? I hope that what Gore Vidal said several years ago is right and I'm wrong: Middle aged men tend to confuse their own failings and decrepitude for that of the nation. I don't remember what work it was in nor have I quoted it precisely, but I've got the thought right.

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