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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BBC & Many a Slip

So the other day I was listening to BBC World News on NPR and discovered that there was a controversy concerning a fund raising appeal for residents of Gaza. The appeal would seek to raise humanitarian aid for homeless and children in Gaza as I understand it.

From what I heard (on BBC) is that BBC had permitted the same type of fund raising in the past for Darfur and Sudan. The question was: why not now for Gaza? The way it was presented on the BBC gave one the impression that perhaps there was a double standard when things involved Israel and Palestine.

However, the really interesting part of the story was the interview conducted by a BBC reporter of the head of BBC, the Governor General[?]. Two points, one is that the Governor General was nearly incoherent in his responses. The second point is that the reporter's questions were incisive serious and hard hitting. Gee you don't think that our reporters might be expected to do that to their "betters" do you? Oh wait, of course they will now that their betters are democrats. I forgot the rules.

Oh yeah, I got about half way through the above paragraph and the Internet stopped completely. All better now though, about four hours later.

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Dr. Know said...

The slant is appalling. Yet the only reasonably honest politico to ever crawl out of right-wing authoritarian GA gets it right. (And is spat upon each and every day by his fellow Georgians.) The media? What a joke. Here is a short legal diddy concerning the "fair and balanced" media and one reason it has run amuck:
Agitprop Revisited