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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Trial or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof

So we had the divorce today. For some reason the magistrate did not seem to believe my client although I am not sure if she believed the wife either.

Nor did the magistrate want to hear about hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card bills on my client's accounts (accounts he knew nothing about, or at least that is his testimony). The information I didn't get until yesterday evening. I managed to get yelled at by the magistrate which at least, I think, convinced my client and his girl friend (who is married to his wife's current boyfriend) that I was fighting on their behalf.

So here we have a couple who by all accounts made between a million and a million and a half gross each year for at least three years with nothing especially to show for it now, fighting over it. I do not think the magistrate was amused.

By all testimony the wife handled all the finances and by all testimony they paid most if not all of their bills in cash.

Nobody on our side is sure where the money went, some think the wife as into a Ponzi scheme which she attempted to get others to invest in. Otherwise, it would sure have been nice to get the witness who ran away to testify. My client decided not to make him come, because he was afraid for him. But it would have been nice to have him testify that the wife told him she'd taken twenty thousand in cash when she left. Oh well.

Now we just wait and see what the decision will be.

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