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Banned In China

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taxes and Real Work

Many things to do this week. Custody trial coming up tomorrow.

However, how is this an apology? "Gee, we're really sorry if you thought this was racist, cause you know it really wasn't. But, if you miss-interpreted it then we are really sorry."

Actually, the monkey imagery was nasty, more nasty than monkey imagery of Bush, because African Americans have been compared to monkeys for ever. It's all part of our racist history. But it was the fact that the cartoon cops killed the monkey which put it over the edge. You'll notice that Murdoch doesn't mention that little part of his cartoon. Doesn't apologize for that either, you'll notice. You'll also remember than no comparison of Bush to a monkey ever showed the monkey (or Bush) getting killed.

It's a bait and switch kind of thing. Hey look at my left hand and ignore what my right is doing. I'll apologize for the lesser offense not the greater. Now let's all go out and by my paper, OK?
OK, back to the working world now.

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