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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday at the Bookstore

So went into Columbus and went to a book store, something we really don't have much of here. A Walden's and a used book store (the used book store is really very nice). Picked up another book on Linux (I will learn it, damn it.)

Then got back and started reading the two books we've got for the two book clubs we're part of. The mystery book club: We'll Always Have Parrots and the Quaker book club: Karen Armstrong's: A History of God.

I'm already a little irritated by Armstrong's definition of atheist. I would say that at least atheists don't insist on capitalizing their belief.

OK, I'm on my way back to the book. Perhaps we will watch the Ruling Class tonight too.

Just going hog wild for culture today, I guess.

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