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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Day Job

So I do have a day job. I am a lawyer and today I had to serve a subpoena. Generally, I don't do it, but because I was brought in at a late date I had to go deliver it. I've done it before, but not much.

Today was interesting because the guy literally ran away from me. He had told me on the phone that he was afraid that the other party would hurt his family if he testified against them. It's a divorce with a couple of thousand dollars floating around for god sakes. I am beginning to believe my client who tells me that burned houses and dead pets follow the soon to be ex. Certainly the witness thought that and he has known the opposing party for most of his life.

The family home had burned down. Well there was some question as to whether or not it was marital property and whether or not the insurance money should go all to my client or be divided. My client took the money (before he had hired me) cashed the checks paid off the mortgage and then took the remainder (all in cash, about $50,000.00) and ......................... he testified and told me and everybody he put it in an envelope and put it in a mail slot he thought went to his previous attorney's office. As far as I know no one has seen it since. Or at least nobody admits to seeing it since.

The other side and the court are not thrilled with my guy and for some strange reason they do not seem to believe him. All I can say is that is the story he told me too.

So any way I'm sitting in my office with my client and his father in law (who is on his side) and not really believing much of what I'm being told. Then I get some outside information and all of a sudden my client seems much more believable.

In the mean time I'm sitting here thinking holy cow and I hope my dogs are not out where anybody can get to them. Of course on top of everything else I've been given four years of various financial information today, to go over. Something I haven't been able to share with the other side, as one is supposed to do. Some fun tomorrow.

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