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Banned In China

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well I was in the library yesterday and saw the DVD of Woodstock. So I picked it up and we started to watch it tonight.

Where were you 39 years ago today? That is of course assuming that you were at all that long ago.
I myself was not doing much. Having shortly before gotten back from Thailand where I was introduced to the pleasures the colonial experience (without actually having to shoot or be shot at). One of the pleasures was Thai Stick, the local home grown. Well the one I could and did bring back with me. I served in medical supply. We were our own customs inspectors.
I was just starting to get the feeling that maybe I had not been doing what for want of a better word we might call the "right thing" as a good colonial soldier. That is to say a colonial soldier never does the right thing, can't do the right thing. A colonial soldier is by definition the wrong thing. I was just starting to realize that.
Well I attended many concerts over the next few years, did a lot more and more interesting drugs along the way.
But to get back to Woodstock, I didn't go and at the time I probably would not have gone had I known about it before it happened. By the next year I had completely changed and was going and going to concerts and doing and doing drugs.
Part of that course was turning "left" for want of a better term, then straightening out and bulling on in that direction for the rest of my life.
Oh well, becoming kind maudlin in my old age.

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