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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can get fooled again

Ok, I admit it. Over 60 and my hopes are already smashed. I did vote for the guy, but now I am embarrassed. At the point where he had the nomination sewed up or nearly sewed up he simply forgot or ignored everything that got it for him.

An old white hawk for Christ sakes. All ready a loser once or twice before.

The amazing thing about Obama's whole campaign is that he didn't wait to get elected before he started to renege on his promises. Nope not at all. On the other hand he is placating the all important old wealthy inside the beltway white man vote. The interesting thing about that is that no matter what he does he isn't going to get their vote. He is just going to alienate those what brung him. I thought you were supposed to dance with them what brung you? I guess not if you're ad Democrat.
How completely and totally uninspiring. How cautious and short sighted. How sad that this is where we are at this point in our history. We are an incredibly unhealthy "democracy." And I do think that democracy should be put in scare quotes.

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