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Friday, August 22, 2008

Very Little Today

After watching the news, oh boy. So McCain has no idea how many homes he or his wife own. And finally Obama decides that maybe he needs to go on the attack.

As usual Greenwald has a very nice coverage about the rank hypocrisy of the Republican attack machine, comparing what they are saying now to defend McCain against what they said four years ago attacking Kerry for a similar situation.

The complete instance of many of the letter writers who seem to insist on missing the whole point of his post is kind of sad. The point is, the Democrats must hit back at the Republicans the same way the Republicans are hitting at the Democrats if they want to win and if they win if they want to effectively govern.

Bill Clinton anyone?

The point is that the house thing only got air play because Obama pushed it. No it isn't the most important thing around, but it is important to shove Republican hypocrisy right into people's faces. Here is a guy (like Bush) who is part of the ruling/imperial class and whose family has been part of the ruling/imperial class for at least three generations claiming to be just folks. He isn't just folks and he never was just folks. He is pretending to be someone he is not.
Nail him. Play the game the way the rules exist now or step aside and give the spot to someone who will (although to be honest I'm not sure which national Democrat will do it).

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