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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is It Time For Another Kerrry?

Read Glennzilla today (well ok I skimmed him, to depressing to read in detail). Sometimes you read things that are just new, something you haven't thought of before and it is so well presented that you say: "Of course." This wasn't one of those for me. This was the other kind. That is sometimes you read something that says what you've been thinking for some time, but says it so clearly and so (unfortunately) much better then one could say ii oneself. That is what Greenwald did today.

Obama has had a terrible August as far as his campaign is concerned. Now the Democrats seem to be at least partially throwing away their opportunity to directly and brutally attack McCain and Bush and Chaney. I simply do not understand. It is as if Obama is taking advice from Kerry. It is all Kerry all the time again. It is as though 2006 never happened and 2004 was not their fault.

Johnson attacked Goldwater in 1964. Hell FDR attacked everybody (or at least his people did). It seems that the people who run the party at this point are so limited by what Clinton did in 92 that they cannot go beyond that and see that there is a different world out there today. And you know what that didn't work out so well for them now did it? Clinton won, but he really couldn't govern, except to enact domestic legislation that the Republicans and very conservative Democrats wanted too. Of course, I guess that might have been the deal.

I mean let's face it they may not agree with me politically, but I would have thought they wanted their guy in the White House and more power and patronage for themselves. What am I missing here?

Hell, they won't kick Holy Joe (R. - Israel) out of their senate caucus even though he is going to speak at the Republican convention and is on the short list for the Republican V-P nod. Of course he did give them 250k.

There is something I have been wondering for some time now. Do they really want to lose? they certainly act like it. They, like the French aristocrats at the time of Louis XVI, according to Talleyrand: "Forgot nothing, and learned nothing." And that didn't work so well for them either did it?

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