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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok, I admit it it's all my fault

You know I've been thinking that I was born in the early edge of the baby boomer generation. The first election I voted in was 1968. As I look at it the who screwed up government thing since then has been my fault (ok, not MY fault personally, since I didn't vote for most of them, except as a lesser evil) by our fault then: Nixon, Nixon, Carter (Ford was appointed), Reagan, Reagan, Bush the major, Clinton, Clinton, Bush the very minor, Bush the very minor.

I mean lets face it have we had a long run of very bad presidents? Well, with the possible exception of the group that was in the run up to the Civil War and with the exception of the last one I'm not even sure about that. The congress is worse if that is possible.
Let's face it what we are remembered for is rock and roll, drugs, free love (since it was all we could afford) and tie-dye. We accomplished damned little.
How fucking depressing.

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